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The Calder-Picasso exhibition at the Picasso Museum

The Calder-Picasso exhibition at the Picasso Museum

Paris plays host to magnificent exhibitions throughout the year, but this spring offers one that is particularly noteworthy. We strongly recommend the Calder-Picasso exhibition at the Musée Picasso. During your stay at the Hotel Doisy Etoile, why not take the opportunity to discover the fascinating parallels between two of the 20th century’s key artists.


Why a Calder-Picasso exhibition?

For the curators of the exhibition, establishing this dialogue between the works of the American sculptor Alexander Calder and the multi-disciplinary artist Pablo Picasso was an obvious choice as each of them, in his own way, revolutionised art and its themes during the 20th century. Calder-Picasso, which next travels to the Museo Picasso Málaga, offers a reflection on the way the two masters approached the question of the void, negative space, and the contorting of time. The result is a profound reflection that is both intellectual and artistic.


Exceptional works

Through work on silhouettes in painting or sculpture, via the famous mobiles of Calder, we slip gradually into pure abstraction. Forms and materials, colours and movement all serve to raise questions about the notions of emptiness and mass. Approximately 120 pieces, gathered from the various Picasso museums and New York’s Calder Foundation, are superbly displayed in the spaces of the Hôtel de Salé, the magnificent private mansion in the Marais that houses the Musée Picasso.

Calder-Picasso will run until August 25th, 2019. It takes about thirty minutes to get to the museum from your Hotel Doisy Etoile. After enjoying the exhibition, you might wish to do some shopping in the trendy boutiques of the Marais or continue your appreciation of contemporary art by visiting the nearby Centre Pompidou.


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