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The Arc de Triomphe; a new virtual reality experience

The Arc de Triomphe; a new virtual reality experience

Among the attractions you’ll want to visit during your stay at the Doisy Etoile, the Arc de Triomphe is a must, of course, but this key location now offers a new experience. Launched in July 2019, a virtual reality attraction invites you to discover the history of the monument in a whole new light.


The Arc de Triomphe highlighted by virtual reality


The Arc de Triomphe puts technology at the service of its visitors some 50 metres above the Parisian streets. After climbing the 284 steps to the monument’s terrace, you can now enjoy an unprecedented virtual reality experience. The principle is simple; self-service immersive Timescope kiosks equipped with a touch screen and a helmet give you amazingly convincing access to memorable national events. Currently there are two films waiting for you, each 2 ½ minutes long and available in six languages.


The transfer of Napoleon's ashes to the Invalides


Thanks to meticulous archival work and 3D images, this film takes you two centuries back in time to December 15th, 1840, to experience the nation’s tribute to the late Emperor Napoleon. Become one of the spectators and follow the route of the procession on the Champs-Elysées, amidst people clad in period clothes. Witness the passage of the funeral carriage under the Arc de Triomphe, the construction of which was initiated by the emperor himself, although he never got to see it.


France; the World Cup 2018 winning team celebrates


Relive the celebration of a victory that thrilled France in 2018 when the national team won football’s World Cup. Experience the return of the Blues to Paris after their resounding win against Croatia. These authentic images, shot by Timescope from the top of the Arc de Triomphe, offer a 360° perspective for total immersion. The joy of the crowd is infectious! This film is also an opportunity to visit Paris and its famous districts via a complete panorama of the capital.



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