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Take a sensory journey to the Grand Perfume Museum

Take a sensory journey to the Grand Perfume Museum

Perfume now has its own museum. The Grand Musée du Parfum opened at the end of December 2016 in one of the trendiest districts of Paris. In this beautiful and luxurious mansion located on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, not far from the Hotel Doisy Etoile, you will find a high-tech sensory journey in 3 stages spread over 4 floors. It’s an experience as magical as it is fascinating, and we advise you not to miss it!


The fragrant roots of perfumes stretch back into antiquity

You start in the vaulted cellars, where the History of Perfumes takes you back in time … to learn that in the ancient world perfume plants were used in the Nile Valley. The journey continues to the advent of Grasse as the world capital of perfume and the rise of Paris as a scent centre renowned throughout the world. Find out how Cleopatra used perfume, which scents were favoured by Marie-Antoinette, and understand the importance of perfume at the court of Versailles during a time when personal hygiene remained rudimentary.


Perfume and its mysteries

Ascending to the 2nd floor, you’ll reach the Garden of Scents, a veritable laboratory that reveals all the secrets of the olfactory arts. Discover how the various variations of the rose consist of more than 400 odorous molecules, the process of plant transformation, the brain’s role in interpretation, how the sense of smell is linked to memory … and watch an animation showing the fabulous journey of an odorous molecule to the brain. The world of scents will hold no secrets from you!


Tribute to the greatest noses of history

Continue your voyage of olfactory discovery in the third part of this incredible museum, dedicated to the Art of the Perfumer. This pays tribute to the famous noses that have penetrated the mysteries of thousands of fragrances and carefully blended them to produce an exquisitely scented end product. You can also admire a selection of iconic bottles. By making a reservation you can even create an olfactory agreement of your very own, corresponding to your personality!



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Photo credit : © Isabelle Chapuis & Alexis Pichot

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