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Species in the Process of Enlightenment; the magic of the Jardin des Plantes

Species in the Process of Enlightenment; the magic of the Jardin des Plantes

The Jardin des Plantes and the Musée de l'Homme (Museum of Mankind) are constantly reinventing themselves. If some people carry an impression of a dusty and boring place, despite the impressive Gallery of Evolution, they’ll be surprised by the new presentation of the collections, which is modern, fun, and fascinating. In this spirit, the Jardin des Plantes this year launches its first festival of lights, entitled Species in the Process of Enlightenment...


Lighting up the natural world at the Jardin des Plantes

Until January 15th, 2019, the paths of the Jardin des Plantes and its menagerie are invaded by surprising species and gigantic luminous animals, creating a fascinating, enlightening and colourful route. A zebra lit against jungle scenery, a gigantic white shark seemingly about to swallow you, sea turtles swimming peacefully in the air and pink flamingos alongside mischievous little pandas; these illuminated animals create a magical atmosphere to enchant all ages.


A message from nature

Species in the Process of Enlightenment is, of course, a nod to the current problems of biodiversity. A magical walk that is a reminder of how beautiful but fragile our world is. This marvellous journey is complemented by a succession of live shows on the theme of nature, giving the illuminations an extra dimension. And for the little ones who like to be hands-on, there are many workshops showing children how to, for example, create their own lanterns. Take advantage of discounts by buying your tickets now on the Jardin des Plantes website.

Here’s an exhibition to make you forget the cold and dark of winter as the Jardin des Plantes is transformed into a glorious lightshow. It’s also an opportunity to visit the new exhibition halls and the new displays devoted to Man and the evolution of species...



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Espèces en voie d'illumination

Crédit photo : © MNHN – F-G. Grandin

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