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Martin Margiela; spotlight on a mystery genius who pushes the envelope

Martin Margiela; spotlight on a mystery genius who pushes the envelope

If there’s a fashion exhibition not to be missed during your stay at the Hotel Doisy in 2018, it’s the one honouring Martin Margiela at the Palais Galliera. Until July 15th, 2018, the Paris Museum of Fashion offers an unprecedented and compelling retrospective of this Belgian fashion designer, iconoclastic artist and man of mystery.


The enigma that is Martin Margiela

This fashion legend has always fiercely protected his privacy, refusing to appear in public, a form of discretion designed to emphasise the creation over the creator. He rarely consents to interviews, refuses to be photographed or videoed, and his clothes come with a plain white label lacking a brand name. Famous, yet anonymous, Martin Margiela is indeed an enigma. A former assistant of Jean Paul Gaultier, this complex character went on to establish his own fashion house in Paris, the only Belgian designer of his generation to do so. The Musée de la Mode de Paris unveils his flagship creations and influences through rare archive pieces and special installations. This incredible journey into the world of Margiela features 136 outfits and 32 collections.


The work of a visionary and unconventional

Belgian master In the 1980s, Martin Margiela decided to challenge the fashion aesthetics of the time by deconstructing garments to reveal the various stages of their manufacture, thereby giving them a new life, a new language. He questioned the obsolescence of clothes, embracing frayed hems, distressed denims, worn shoes, anticipating what is today called recycling or upcycling. This artist, adept at overlays, trompe-l’oeil and mischievous androgyny, was one of the first to question the concept of the beauty of garments through the use of bewildering materials in his collections. The Martin Margiela retrospective exhibition is an essential event! Book your stay at the Hotel Doisy right now so you don’t miss it.



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