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It’s time to enjoy an ice cream in Paris

It’s time to enjoy an ice cream in Paris

The mercury in the thermometer is rising and summer warmth is about to embrace Paris. The approach of summer offers the perfect excuse, if any were needed, to savour some of the delicious ice cream to be found in the capital. The Hotel Doisy Etoile reveals the best ice cream parlours and the most original glaciers in the capital.


Sweet temptation at Grom

The ice cream offered by Grom is 100% natural. Made from quality ingredients, it delights the most discerning glace buff! Our recommendation? Their range of spéciales; ice creams bursting with explosive flavours, including sheep ricotta, pink Himalayan salt and liquorice powder!

Several addresses in Paris – Visit the official website


Maison Fabien Foenix, a wonderful ice cream maker

Discover a gourmet address close to the Hotel Doisy Etoile … courtesy of Fabien Foenix, a former apprentice at Lenôtre. This Master Glacier unveils the full extent of his art through a hundred flavours and a special mention must be made of their excellence and originality. With guacamole sorbet, ice mojito or lychee and rose petal, the choice is simply astonishing!

Maison Fabien Foenix – 6, Rue Descombes – 17th


Monsieur Benjamin; enter an ‘art pastry shop’

Perhaps you know about Monsieur Benjamin’s cakes, macarons and salty éclairs. These are real foodie delights to die for. Well, now you can discover this ‘art pastry shop’s’ La Plancha ice cream! Spread with a spatula on a sub-zero plate and then rolled in front of your eyes, this ice cream made entirely of natural ingredients is a mouthwatering delight…

Monsieur Benjamin – 63, Rue Saint-Martin – 4th


Unusual flavours at La Tropicale

Have you ever tasted saffron, ginger or Espelette pepper ice cream? If you haven’t, you need to run fast to La Tropicale and revel in these new flavours. Created in 1976, the La Tropicale glacier was among the first to offer exotic flavours and today has some great new specialties including the classic house caramel and ginger ice cream, with its slightly peppery taste!

La Tropicale – 180, Boulevard Vincent-Auriol – 13th



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