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Discover our partner brands

Discover our partner brands

Here at the Hotel Doisy Etoile we choose to create an atmosphere that is warm and friendly but also very personal so that you can feel as welcome as you do at home. To get this just right, we use carefully selected partner brands that provide us with their considerable know-how, individuality and creativity.


Our partner brands on the décor side…

Helping to ensure peaceful nights full of sweet dreams, our rattan headboards are unique and bring an exotic flavour and designer style to each of our rooms. In partnership with the designer Inès Lucas, they were made by one of the most famous Parisian houses, Maison Drucker, well known for crafting the much-loved chairs that grace the terraces of numerous Parisian cafes. Do you like the many plants that enhance the relaxing atmosphere of our communal areas? They come from Paris Pousse, the team of Parisian horticulturists who design floral and greenery arrangements, pots and flower beds while offering sound advice and green fingers. Recommended!


…And on the gourmet side

You will discover one of our favourite partner brands at breakfast time. For three generations, the confiturières (jam makers) of Les Petites Parisiennes have delighted us with their classic and revisited products and their original creations. Beautifully presented in small and elegant individual pots, their jams are produced to the rhythm of the seasons and the result is delicious gourmet breakfasts full of flavour. Whether you prefer raspberry, passionfruit, blueberry, blackberry or orange, you’ll be surprised and delighted. Check out all the products on their website, including their organic jams.

To create a place where you will feel good, we have chosen prestigious partners who we can trust. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions during your stay with us; we will be happy to give you further information about our partner brands.



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