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BAB; the first brioche bar in Paris

BAB; the first brioche bar in Paris

You’re familiar with the idea of the wine bar, beer bar, tapas bar, sushi bar, etc. Now, the time has come for BAB, the brioche bar! Located just ten minutes from the Hotel Doisy Etoile via the number 43 bus service, the BAB will delight you with its multiple gourmet variations on the theme of brioche...


BAB; a haven for brioche lovers

Brioche; you’ve tried it braided, sweet and fluffy. Or perhaps you’ve been adventurous and sampled savoury, flaky or sandwich-style brioche. The BAB will introduce you to the multitudinous versions of this universal delicacy. Ready to head off around the world on a voyage of flavour discovery? We invite you to taste the Cinnamon Roll-inspired brioche of Swedish origin, the Ashkenazi Babka, savoury brioches with bacon or cheese, as well as Hallah, a traditional Jewish bread. All the flavours of the world come together at the BAB!


Tasty coffees, teas and fresh juices

What accompaniment do you fancy for your brioche? The coffee is of high quality; it comes from the roaster Fève, where the beans are sourced in accordance with sustainable and ethical criteria. The teas and infusions are local, being produced by Herbonata, an herbalist situated in the Paris region. Then there are the pure fruit and vegetable juices, freshly squeezed on site and with no added sugar or water. A delight!


An ethical feast at the BAB

As you may gather, ethics are the order of the day at the Bar à Brioches. The founder, Margaux Aycard, a former chef of the 52 Faubourg restaurant in Paris, is a young woman as committed as she is passionate. Her suppliers are carefully chosen, a large part of the produce is obtained from organic farming sources and the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. At the BAB, the eating is as ethical as it is delicious! Find out during your stay at the Hotel Doisy Etoile.



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