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An enchanted journey through an ocean of light

An enchanted journey through an ocean of light

Explore the ocean depths, stroll through a mangrove swamp, see floating icebergs. Easily accessible from the Hotel Doisy Etoile, the Jardin des Plantes offers you a fantastic trip around the Illuminated Ocean. An incredible exhibition not to be missed.


A fantastic dive into an Illuminated Ocean

Every day from November 18th to January 19th, 2020, the aisles of the Jardin des Plantes and its zoo invite young and old alike to enjoy another illuminated show prepared specially for the festive season. This year, oversized light sculptures of rare or endangered animals are featured in fifty magnificent tableaux. From tropical islands to the polar regions and the mysterious seabed, the scenes have been set with beauty and creativity. As for the marine creatures designed by Chinese artists, they are a visually stunning reminder that we must act now to avoid the overexploitation of marine resources and preserve this precious natural environment.


The featured aquatic fauna

Presented in a playful and lively way, the Illuminated Ocean exhibition features sparkling red octopuses, blue and violet jellyfish, scary deep-sea predators with fearsome teeth, and green turtles weaving between colourful corals. A family of polar bears invite you into their iceberg while a huge shark invites you into its belly! At the entrance to the Jardin, you are welcomed by an army of flamingos on either side of an arch decorated with tropical plants. While visiting this festival of lights, why not also take the opportunity to see Ocean; an Unusual Dive, the exhibition currently featured in the Grand Gallery of Evolution and open until 18:00? In the build-up to Christmas, the magical spectacle of the Illuminated Ocean offers the perfect night-time family adventure. Book your tickets online today to avoid disappointment.



Crédit photo : © MNHN

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