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A Valentine's Day evening in the Gardens of the Rodin Museum

A Valentine's Day evening in the Gardens of the Rodin Museum

Looking to enjoy an original Valentine's evening? Book your February 14th break at the Doisy Étoile, because the evening of that day will be a Love Evening at the Musée Rodin. Stroll with your loved one in the museum gardens, then let yourselves be inspired by the passion that once animated the artist and his lover and muse Camille Claudel...


An evening of love at the Rodin Museum

On February 14th, 2020, from 19:00 to 22:30, it's Love Night at the Hôtel Biron, where the Musée Rodin is located. Take the opportunity to spend a memorable Valentine's Day with your sweetheart. The works of the great sculptor are among the most sensual ever created. Is not The Kiss an ode to love? The museum invites you to explore the artist’s romantic side. On the agenda is poetry, music and a few surprises...


Two eternal lovers; Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel

A pupil of Auguste Rodin, the prodigiously talented Camille Claudel immediately inspired her mentor with respect and admiration as well as love. The creations of both became passionate declarations frozen in stone for eternity. The museum houses an exhibition space devoted to the works of Camille Claudel, as requested by Rodin when he bequeathed his works to the State.


A romantic walk in the sculpture garden

The sculpture garden is the perfect backdrop for strolling hand in hand. A rose garden, flowerbeds, terrace and hedgerows reveal iconic works such as The Burghers of Calais and The Thinker at the turn of a path. Two thematic routes have been set up; the Jardin d'Orphée and the Jardin des Sources. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by the cafe located in the heart of the garden for an intimate snack before returning to spend the night at the Hotel Doisy Etoile.



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