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A passionate interior design team, a sublime hotel

A passionate interior design team, a sublime hotel

Bénédicte Pierens and Raphaëlle Levet met in 2017 around the project to renovate the Hôtel Doisy, a welcoming and elegant establishment situated on the chic Avenue des Ternes. As a result of this project, these two interior designers decided to form a joint agency by creating BR Design Intérieur. It was Inès Lucas, creator of the hotel’s sublime headboards in collaboration with the furniture maker Maison Drucker, who commissioned the duo of creators.


Deco and tropical style

BR Design Intèrieur

The Hotel Doisy, a place for relaxation, has been completely reconceptualised by Bénédicte Pierens and Raphaëlle Levet, a duo of interior designers and decorators, the founders of BR Design Intérieur. These friends, who attended the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris and worked together for the interiors magazine Elle Décoration, united their talents and strengths to create the interior decoration of our hotel located in the very heart of the bohemian 17th arrondissement. Today the hotel offers a subtle and feminine mix of styles, colours and materials with new associations, revealing a singular and fresh atmosphere. The sleek structured spaces embellished with bold notes in a tropical and exotic spirit are an invitation to travel.


Unique headboards

Inès Lucas

Inès Lucas participated in the selection of interior decorators and the birth of the hotel’s design universe. Her involvement in the renovation project that she initiated goes even further, however. In collaboration with Maison Drucker she created unique, original and iconic headboards using rattan as her primary material. Timeless, bright and tactile, it brings a warmly organic and natural touch to the rooms of the hotel. It was Inès Lucas who made the initial approach in contacting Maison Drucker, the company renowned worldwide for its wooden bistro chair, asking them to accept a new challenge; the creation of headboards. The Hotel Doisy Etoile is the first hotel to have interiors created by BR Design Intérieur. Along with Inès Lucas, the talented interior design duo has managed to create a warm and unique space in the heart of Paris.



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